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In early November, 2021, we were notified that "someone" had begun a concerted effort to try to either get this material removed, or hidden from view. They were unsuccessful.

We have to ask the question and it's not rhetorical:

If asinine, illegal, evil people are so terrified of their asinine, illegal, evil stunts being disseminated to the public, whatever can they do? Anyone?

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#1: Who IS Littler-Mendelson?

#2: Who IS Littler-Mendelson?

#3: Who IS Littler-Mendelson?

#4: Who IS Littler-Mendelson?

#5: Who IS Littler-Mendelson?

#6: Who IS Littler-Mendelson?


If you're coming in to this page "cold", and not continued from a previous page in the sequence, here's a brief synopsis:

This website details experiences with Leigh Ann Collings Tift, who, we believe, "facilitated" lies and perjury by Delann Lamb and Mark McFarland on behalf of T-L Leasing and Dart International trucking (now Dart-Entities)(we can't make this up).

I had worked for Dart-Entities Trucking for three years and was given every raise within their structure and had received every compliment and accolade. I quit -- but was begged to stay. I did stay for three more months. I quit again in disgust and was begged to stay again. I didn't stay. Shortly thereafter I was asked to come and visit the office staff like old friends. I declined. Shortly thereafter I received an email from the office saying they wished I liked them more and that they hoped in time we could become good friends. I didn't reply. Shortly thereafter I began receiving harassing phone calls at home which traced back to the Dart office in Kent and to Delann Lamb. I filed a criminal police report which, of course, went nowhere (Typical Seattle)(copies are posted somewhere within this labyrinth of websites and web pages).

Shortly thereafter, the following occurred. I fought it in court and won. Read on:

In that case, Dart sought an anti-harassment order to preemptively stop a website (before it was thought of, written, or posted) from publicly disseminating the actions of its office staff in Kent, Washington, which included rampant illegal drug use, theft of company property and services, and a host of other really ugly behavior. They were originally granted a protection order to ban any future website, but it was easily overturned and the original judge was fairly spanked by the appellate judge. The moment he was informed of this, his gargantuan ego couldn't take the shock and he reportedly literally died in the doorway of his chambers. That's a GOOD THING for society.

The website then was expanded to include numerous court documents and certified polygraphs. It stood for exactly twenty years, unchallenged.

Got is so far?



Continued from Page Two.....


These are the total of the images submitted to the court as instances of criminal harassment by me against Lamb and McFarland.

And these are the people Dart-Entities employed until recently, and in the case of idiot McFarland, still employs today.

Are you working under this piece of garbage? Advice: If so, be more careful than you would ordinarily be, wading through three feet of rattlesnakes. That's how backbiting and dangerous this man is.

From left to right: #1: A friend who lives in Romania, #2: My wife, #3: A friend who lives in Olympia, Washington. Neither Lamb or McFarland had ever met any of these individuals, nor had any of these individuals, except my wife, heard of Lamb or McFarland The composites were made for fun long before I ever heard of or went to work for Dart International or T&L Leasing. God only knows where Lamb and McFarland even got these. Note: The appeals court judge, Helen Halpert, wrote in the record, in her finding of fact(!), that these images constituted part of a long-standing history of criminal harassment against Lamb and McFarland This is a tiny glimpse into just how backwards and insane our court system has become. My attorneys would love to get Lamb and McFarland on the stand to explain why they lied about these images, and they'd love to get idiot judge Helen Halpert on the stand to explain her bizarre thread of logic to the world. This is what happens when you allow witless, hapless academics to be in charge of anything at all.


In the end, a nut-case judge, one "John Lawson" (almost every lawyer in King County was painfully aware of this man's insanity for many years before his death), believed Lamb and McFarland hook, line and sinker. I wanted to continue the hearing and get to the bottom of this issue and many others. He (Lawson) refused to allow any witnesses I might bring in during a continuance to testify unless I paid everyone in the courtroom (everyone in the courtroom!) the cash sum of $1500 per day for each day my witnesses testified (it's in the transcript)(it's in the bloody court transcript!). He was one crooked, stupid son of a bitch, but he's a testament to so many incompetent and dishonest judges in the PNW region. It's an enigma, to be sure.


And people ask me why I left the USA.

Let's see -- maybe because it's an insane asylum?

When you try to use the "legal system" in the Pacific Northwest, THIS IS WHAT YOU'LL GET! Or even far worse. In a criminal matter, you may very, very well end up losing your life. Many have.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

We work with SE Asian orphans now. Mostly they're starving -- not like Americans think they're starving. I mean starving AND DYING FROM IT. They often live in a monsoon jungle under a single sheet of corrugated tin with holes rusted through the cheap galvanizing of junk Chinese materials. The poorer ones have only rotting poly cargo tarps. They want everything of course, like all living things. They have nothing. But their moral fiber isn't LARGELY mountains above that of US attorneys and judges and the Lambs and McFarlands and Lawsons and Tifts of society, it is COMPLETELY above that strata. The poor, at least the poor here, are decent in their souls.

Spending the last nearly twenty years somewhat immersed and the past decade being completely immersed in that society has shown me the contrast on an astronomical scale against the backdrop of the jackasses at Dart and Littler-Mendelson. You'd be hard-pressed to believe the two peoples are of the same race or come from the same planet. The difference between inherently decent souls and inherently demonic souls is startling. I'll take poor and virtuous any day as opposed to rabid, bloodthirsty monsters from Hell. Perhaps this past decade of relative logic and decency among the world's very poorest souls, is what ignited the passion in me to add this editorial content to this website when I stumbled across it recently. Honestly, reading back over the outrageous, illegal, anti-social, downright Satanic bullshit these people pulled and tried to pull twenty years ago, made me see them in a whole new light. I'd forgotten most of their antics. I knew they were lower than the lowest scum, way back in 2001. But today, in 2021, I am even more stunned, to the depths of my being, that humans like this exist and walk the earth. How is this even possible? I once spent 90 days in a real prison on an immigration technicality; the place housed thousands of the worst of the worst. But the little pod of pricks and prickettes outed in this website are worse.

Even that sentiment is a pale shadow of how I really feel about these fucking greasy rats now.

For God's sake, from what black, demonic dimension did they slither forth to pollute this world.

And how, oh how, can we make them just go back to the reeking sewer from whence they came.


I don't know what ever happened to McFarland. Hopefully he's dead, gone from the earth forever. I don't have the time or the interest to look him up (or maybe I do). Maybe he pulled this shit on someone else and got his stupid brains blown out for his trouble. Society deserves that small perk. I wonder if his wife ever found this website and didn't take kindly to him fucking Lamb while their phone was activated on speaker-phone and auto-dialing the office phone which was also on speaker-phone. That story is within these pages in some detail. I remember when they (Lamb and McFarland looking like two cats who ate the Canary) were confronted by office staff (more on that staffer later) and they tried to brush it off saying all the yelling and moaning about PANTIES was because....wait for it....THEY WERE SHOPPING TOGETHER IN A DEPARTMENT STORE FOR PANTIES FOR DELANN. During the middle of business hours. While their office phones rang off the hook with urgent business. But they were shopping together. For panties. For Delann. And she was just "excited to find some she liked" (to explain the moaning and squealing and "Get them off! Get them off!" type exclamations). And I have Real Estate for sale in Atlantis. Good deal. Bargain price. Cash only. Such a steal. Act fast! Maybe Tift will handle the sale. Maybe if McFarland's wife stayed with him anyway, she deserved to stay with him anyway.

(Public data dump files have moved)

Delann Todd Lamb, like some oozing black fungus, is still lurking around Orting, Washington State (good place for her, out there with the Pacific Northwest's most prolific and imaginative serial killers and Devil Worshipers and druggies and pedophiles and drunks and pot farmers and crack zombies and trailer-park burglars and motor-home prostitutes and good ol' fourth-grade-educated yellow-teeth hillbillies), trying her best to convince her little cadre of "genuine friends on Farcebook and Instagram" that she is now, finally, at long last, at this late date, somehow and in some obscure way, a worthwhile human being, though I suspect that's an uphill battle as most are hopefully intelligent enough to see and know the truth. Or not. The woman is unmitigated demon-spawn, concubine of Cousin Eddie in Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. No idea what became of her boyfriend after this website hit the fan in early 2000's. We had heard he was a decent sort. Smart man if he flushed her down the relationship toilet. I'm sure Lamb'd love to hear from you on her Facebook page in any case though, and you can ask her yourself. Maybe you can get her to flash her revolting breast implant scar at you, as she did at me right there in the lunchroom of Dart in Kent, Washington (she got the "under-insertion", as opposed to the armpit). She complained that it itched and hurt, then yanked up her blouse and shoved it right in my face -- she was standing and I was sitting and I reflexively just jerked back and I think I let out a little yelp of shock, and I think that offended her, which was NOT my intent and I felt a little bad about it as we were still on speaking terms at that point. It was instinctive; I couldn't help it; like having a big spider suddenly drop down in front of you as you eat your lunch. Isn't that something -- the itching and hurting -- isn't that something a normal, well-adjusted, litter-box-trained person keeps to themselves? Why, oh why, oh why, did she make me see that; it's something that can never be unseen. I was honestly nauseated by that. I've tried over the years to find some understanding of what her motivation was for that. Was it an awkward, impulsive, ham-fisted come-on? Was she stoned as usual, cracked-out, and didn't really know what she was doing? She was talking perfectly coherently. She was cracked-out daily -- she left the paraphernalia lying everywhere. But she barely knew me! Did she do this to all the drivers? Did she think I'd be turned on by a nasty, itchy, sweaty, greasy breast implant scar? Hell, I'm human -- I might have been turned on by the sight of a beautiful breast, even a gigantic fake one like hers, but by a frikkin' scary scar? Sorry, no thank you. That she did this to me, a driver she barely knew, makes me wonder just what she flashed to all the other drivers she DID know, and to McFarland, in his office, when the door was locked and nobody could rouse them. I suspect she flashed absolutely everything under the sun to McFarland and did far more than that. I pity her boyfriend! Was she out there fucking the other drivers in their sleeper-cabs when she was supposed to be working? Was she getting paid for it? Inquiring minds want to know! Then she goes to court and commits blatant, black and white perjury to say I asked her out on a date or dates and she was "tired of refusing my advances". That's not a merely "bad" woman, that's a woman who is seventeen levels beyond evil. I truly have no words for it. I've seen other people treated similarly in their lives -- "I" had sure as hell never been subjected to anything like that in mine! Fortunately, that's what a fucking polygraph is for -- READ MINE. THAT story is within these pages as well.

There was a time, early on, when I might have had some interest in Delann Lamb. She told me point blank that if she thought I would be a good Dad for her babies she'd be "on me like _____". But I did once think she was nice and attractive until one day she came to work in shorts and that was a bucket of ice water right straight down my back and no other such vague thought ever again entered my faulty brain. Later on the drug issues began to raise their ugly heads, so even if I had been interested after the shorts thing, and after the implant scar thing, the druggie crap would have ended it.

At risk of belaboring the point I'll say it again (and again): I still have not run across any human being on this planet (except Pol Pot, and I unfortunately never "ran across" Pol Pot), even remotely as downright evil as these four wastes of human flesh -- Lamb, McFarland, and the two rotting geniuses at Dart International from Lost Angeles, Paul Martin and Colleen Butler. Count Tift as five if you wish. And Sarah, the office tart. Maybe you can find them on Linked-In and invite them to tea? Maybe you'd like to hire them to clean your commode? No, they'd only screw that up too.


Copyright (c) 2021

This editorial review website features, contains

and includes my best recollections, hunches,

beliefs, suspicions and opinions, along with

numerous court records, trial transcripts

and certified polygraphs


And by the way, who the fuck ARE these two Tweedle-Dees and Tweedle-Dums, Paul Martin and Colleen Butler? To this day (2002) I DON'T KNOW. Butler was listed as "Director". Director of WHAT? Director of chaos? "Director Chaos"? They worked for Dart out of L.A. and Martin is the "president". I had never heard of them until court day in Kent, Washington. I had never contacted them. They had never contacted me. I had never so much as uttered the name of either BECAUSE I HAD NEVER, TO MY KNOWLEDGE, HEARD OF EITHER except, possibly in passing in some unrelated context over the years -- and I don't even remember that. Surely their names would have been swirling around this septic tank from time to time. I had written to the corporate headquarters of Dart in order to finally bypass Lamb and ask for a written reference and documentation of dates worked -- maybe those requests ended up on one or the other's desks. Did they consider THAT harassment? Luckily the "judge" didn't see ANYTHING from them as harassment in any way, shape or form. But Tift handled both of their anti-harassment orders against me. She should have known better -- indeed she DID know better. But she didn't care, because she thought there was MONEY to be schlepped from a company of idiots. I was never notified of any hearing where they were involved. They simply showed up on the day of the hearing with McFarland and Lamb with anti-harassment requests -- documents all properly and professionally completed. Do YOU have words for something like this? No, and no one else does either. GOOD and COMPETENT and HONORABLE judges around the country (yes, there are a very few) look at these records and just shake their heads -- but what we've seen is that this kind of behavior is commonplace for Tift and Dart and Littler-Mendelson P.C.. THIS is how Dart-Entities operates at its core, and how Leigh Ann Jackass Tift operates at HER core, and apparently how Littler-Mendelson operates at ITS core as well (do the research). This is who these people are. And do you work for them? May God have mercy on your souls because sooner or later, by design or by happenstance, their loose cannons will turn on you.

How can all of this be, you ask? Indeed. How can this be! I suggest you ask Tift -- maybe she knows. She's still skulking around Seattle somewhere like a raggedy, three-legged alley cat. Or maybe she doesn't know and doesn't care. Let's go through it again in case you're not grasping this: Both of these stupid sons of bitches, Martin and Butler, showed up on court day and demanded that Idiot Judge John Lawson grant them "protection" orders against me. Protection from WHAT!? Lamb was the one crank-calling ME and my criminal harassment complaint was against HER! "I" was the one who refused to go visit THEM when they asked! Lawson essentially asked Martin and Butler why they wanted and felt entitled to these court orders. But they didn't know why. Let me reiterate that in obnoxious all caps: NEITHER MARTIN NOR BUTLER KNEW WHY THEY SHOULD BE GRANTED PROTECTION ORDERS BUT THEY WANTED THEM ANYWAY. They just wanted the orders, along with McFarland and Lamb, maybe as souvenirs. Probably they just thought it would be "cool" somehow to have matching anti-harassment orders with their dope-head friends so they showed up all the way from Los Angeles (!!!) apparently thinking they were just handed out like candy because they DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A REASON TO REQUEST THEM. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, was a prime and classic instance of CRIMINAL HARASSMENT. Lawson was about as bright as a mentally handicapped fucking termite, but fortunately he was smart enough to see through these two idiots and tossed their requests in about three or five minutes. Then they sat in the back of the courtroom making snide and insulting comments for the rest of the hearing and Lawson never once admonished them and Tift appeared to me to mutely cheer them on -- as if this wasn't a COURTROOM with SERIOUS BUSINESS being conducted within its walls, but in reality a high school locker room and no teacher was present. I truly began to wonder what planet I had somehow been magically transported to. It was absolutely otherworldly. It was shocking. It was stunning. It was illegal. And Tift had orchestrated it all.

Let's look at the amazing Paul Martin ( for a second. This is, again, a man who flew 1100 miles to obtain an anti-harassment order against me (with sidekick Butler), but didn't have even REMOTELY any valid reason for such a thing and both requests were thrown out of court in minutes. To reiterate, they then went to the back row of the packed courtroom and sat there for the session uttering insults and innuendos, sometimes loudly, to me, and "Judge" Lawson did nothing, (and Tift seemed to think it was funny). Yes we've covered this before and will cover it again, but I sometimes try to disseminate the same information in different ways, in case the reader didn't really grasp it the first -- or third -- time. Let's think clearly about this behavior. This was a man who was "president" of a trucking corporation, but who, in reality, was an adolescent 13 year old punk. We're positive his mommy thought he was oh-so-cute, but I promise, no one else did or does. Has he grown up? Not a chance. Characters this immature can never grow up -- it's not in them to do so. Imagine, a spoiled 13 year old punk running a trucking corporation. Maybe this is the turkey who came up with the "Dart-Entities" name? How much further could this corporation have advanced itself WITH AN ADULT AT THE HELM? Had I been the parent of any spoiled child who acted as Paul Martin did in court that day, I'd have jerked him outside by his collar and we'd have had a memorable discussion, after which he'd have been put on house restriction for at least a month, and he'd have been sent to a special class in BASIC MANNERS. Maybe if Mommy had done this when he was five, he would have turned out to be a more valuable human being as an adult. But I'm betting you, and I'd bet a LOT, that this childish imbecile is proud of his behavior that day, thinking it accomplished some mysterious thing in the greater scheme of society and the world and showed him to be a "real man" in the eyes of -- the eyes of WHO? His Mom? Butler? The mortified victims in the courtroom? The Judge? the eyes of HIMSELF and absolutely no one else -- except, perhaps, Leigh Ann Collings Tift. Well, yes, in fact it DID accomplish something, Martin -- it accomplished this "honorable mention" and description of his behavior! Was it worth it to ya, Paul? The laughable thing is, it probably was! Narcissistic little son of a bitch that he is-- [edit: WAS]. What a fine choice to lead a corporation where profit margins are thin as a razor and the slightest missteps and incompetent buffoonery can put you in the red in microseconds. Make no mistake: acting up and acting out in a formal courtroom are instances of incompetent buffoonery. And how many business missteps has this jackass made? We're betting, thousands. We're betting that screw-ups are (were) his Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). We're betting he's (was) an office joke. This behavior is a beacon, a neon flashing sign illustrating the systemic Dart-Entities culture. If it was an hourly employee acting like this, one could not insist that the entire culture was like this, but this was the TOP MAN acting like this, and the actions of the TOP MAN enable and justify the putrid actions of those under them. Need to move some freight? There are vastly better options than Dart. My family was in the freight moving business for a generation (brokerage, mostly, but we owned and leased out many rigs). I KNOW the truth of this statement.

Maybe these two Goddamned miniature Satans (Martin and Butler) are still lurking around the halls of Dart International somewhere; I would not in the least be surprised [as of 2021 we now know that Martin, if he's still lurking around the Dart-Entities halls, is doing so only as an, well, entity]. Stupid is as stupid does and this is the kind of outfit that would keep on fools and tools of this caliber, IQ and morality. I don't have the energy to look him up (actually I did, later on). But feel free to go visit their website and say howdy. I have always harbored the notion that Dart International Trucking (Dart Entities now, apparently - Entities? Entities? Like, what -- Ghosts? Spirits? Aliens? Entities? For Christ's sake, it sounds too much like creatures from another dimension that sometimes slip into this reality -- great start for a cheap Sci-fi. I could have thought up 35 vastly more business-like and professional-sounding corporate names in 35 seconds; anyone could) -- that DartEntities, even knowing these four idiots were stunningly detrimental to their business model, kept them on in spite of that knowledge, merely because I beat Dart in court, and that was their way to show me. Show me what? That they were imbeciles? But I already knew that! Everyone knew that. Cut off the nose to spite the face. No one ever claimed this bunch was bright. I submit that NO other company would have hired them and I'm betting they tried. --No. DartEntities wanted to SHOW ME that these "entities" were in some mystifying way valuable, and not ANYTHING like I described them (the polygraphs were all faked, right Dart? And Lamb and McFarland's unwavering refusal to take their own, at my expense, and also earn $5000 EACH -- well, that has no meaning at all, right Dart? Jesus fucking Christ give us a Goddamned break). Keep paying them for shitty, uneducated, incompetent, unprofessional, wasteful work and drug use on company time and endless sexcapades on company time (broadcast in realtime to the office no less) and theft of company supplies, freight and services for decades. That'll show that bad man (that these are just wonderful, wonderful people). It's hilariously sad. I KNOW what they were --I worked closely with them all day every day for three miserable years -- and they were every employer's worst nightmare and you can take that to the bank, but when an imbecile does the hiring, that imbecile can only hire more imbeciles, and once a little cadre of imbeciles has formed and bonded, they're installed for life. Read the polygraphs and the criminal complaints of perjury; then you'll know what they were too. I submit that Lamb, McFarland, Butler and Martin simply had no place else to go because no one else would hire them.

We think the world needs to know much more about Paul Martin and Colleen Butler, so as to be forewarned in case they turn their putrid behavior toward anyone else. -- When we have time....

To an intelligent brain, it is boggling that these kinds of things could ever, ever, ever go on in any modern courtroom in the United States of America. But they go on hourly, a million times per day. That means that the brain that thinks it's intelligent, may not be so intelligent, because that brain has not yet grasped the reality that is the American judicial system. Our hope is to educate you and to help your brain become more intelligent.

Let's distill this issue as it pertains to Leigh Ann Collings Tift and Littler Mendelson down to a few simple lines:

Lamb, McFarland, Butler, and Martin, conspired together to give Tift a dumpster-load of false information (ammunition), which she gleefully set ablaze.

Tift didn't give a rat's ass if it was all lies.

What did Tift and Littler-Mendelson ATTEMPT to do?

They (Tift and Littler) tried their level best to help criminals commit crimes and get away with it.

What did Tift and Littler-Mendelson ACCOMPLISH?

They, Leigh Ann Collings Tift, Littler-Mendelson P.C., Mark S. McFarland, Delann Todd Lamb, Dart-Entities/International Trucking, T and L Leasing, pathetic, dim-witted "judge" John lawson of Kent-Aukeen Washington Court, and poor misguided Sarah, the office fool, supplied the material for, and caused the creation of, this website.

It's theirs.

They own it.

Let's say that again.

They. Own. It.

Good work, morons.

You are bloody brilliant.

Has Dart Entities yet thanked you for your Service, Tift-Littler-Mendelson?

It is said that attorneys consider NO bad press about them to be bad.

We disagree.

I can't help but wonder what Lamb and McFarland have told their kids about this website; you know they've stumbled across it over more than a span of 20 years and asked about it. The "parents" can't say, "Oh, that was just some crazy disgruntled employee (who quit twice after we begged him to stay) who wanted to make up bad things about us." They can't claim that because there's the issue of those pesky polygraphs and Lamb's and McFarland's steadfast refusal to take and post their own, even when I offered in writing to their attorney to pay for them, and even when huge sums of money were offered to them additionally if they passed them (which, of course, they could not so there was zero risk to me, financially). So when the kids, who may also be amoral, drugged-out morons, ask about things like that, what's the comeback from Lamb and/or McFarland? Do they just say, "Oh! Well! You know! We were just 'too busy' to take an hour out of our lives and earn $5000 each and clear our names in public! Naw, we just couldn't be bothered! Busy busy busy you know!" That's pretty-much the line their fool of an attorney, Leigh Ann Collings Tift (Seattle), reported back when she signed for my legally binding offer. Is that what the kids are hearing all these years later? We wonder. There's no way the kids of both of these lying imbeciles could NOT know that both of them were abject fucking dope-heads. Maybe the kids are too. The fruit and the tree theory, etc. etc.

In any case, I just want to reiterate, for the record, that these two cocksucking, miserable, worthless pieces of shit lied about me more in the space of a few weeks, than have all of my enemies put together in nearly 70 years, and for not one single logical reason except that they were insulted when I refused to come and visit them when they asked me to, a few weeks after I quit. Lamb and McFarland, and the two embarrassingly imbecilic cockroaches, Paul Martin and Colleen Butler of Dart International Trucking (Dart Entities), remain, by a factor of 2500, the worst, most dishonest, most amoral, immoral, rotten, worthless lumps of reeking dog shit I have ever, ever encountered or likely ever will encounter. They're vastly worse than all the people I sent to prison, put together. I'm not sure an author could even write a fictional novel about people this bad, because no publisher would market it, saying it was just too fantastical to be believable even as fiction! Yet this is all true! I now have, under my belt, many, many years of roaming the entire world since 2001, and, believe me, I've seen it all. But in all these experiences, before the year 2000 and since combined, Lamb and McFarland and Martin and Butler (and Tift and Lawson) remain the worst. By far, they are the worst, most corrupt, illogical, patently immoral human beings I have ever encountered in this lifetime. I only "hate" a small handful of people on this earth -- maybe three or four total. My feelings toward these four bags of pus from Dart Entities, however, are so far and vastly and astronomically beyond hatred that the English language does not contain sufficient words or phrases to document them. I was one of their best drivers -- maybe even the best driver, by their own admission. I worked HARD for these people. I worked PERFECTLY for these people. But I grew steadily and silently weary of the drug dealing and drug use and stupidity and unprofessionalism and the theft within the company and I simply, quietly quit. And for that, they ran me through the ringer described on all of these pages. Read for yourself and form your own opinions. The facts are all here.

I see now, Lamb has tried to convince her social circles that she is "Born Again". Born Again what? Born again a Goddamned Servant of Satan? Because that's what she was before and I have no doubt whatsoever that she's only gotten better and more effective at it through all these years. A leopard can't change its spots even if it wants to, and Lamb never wanted to; she was perfectly content being eighty three levels beyond evil. The word hatred has no meaning here. Rage? How can rage rage on for more than 20 years? Yet it does, stronger than ever.

IT. IS. STRONGER. THAN. EVER, even in 2021.

No one, no one, not any mortal enemy I ever had, not ALL OF THEM PUT TOGETHER, ever lied about me to a degree of 1/1000th of what these four Goddamned filthy, reeking cockroaches did back in 2001, nearly 21 years ago, and that's a fucking fact. And they did it under oath with Leigh Ann Collings Tift of Littler-Mendelson at the helm guiding every facet of their case! Dart International Trucking / Dart-Entities 2021 is a real class act from bottom to top, and so is Littler-Mendelson. Two peas in a pod. Lying liars lie. See also: Littler-Mendelson (read to the end). And more here. They are truly something to behold. Have they changed or improved in 21 years? No. Based on even elementary research, I believe they, both Dart and Littler-Mendelson, have only become sneakier, more dishonest, more amoral and more unprofessional. God help those business entities who ever are so misguided and unfortunate enough to become entangled with these dens of snakes called Dart and/or Littler-Mendelson, EVEN AS THEIR FRIENDS.

Oddly, one of my greatest regrets out of this whole mess was that the jackass of a judge who initially ruled in favor of Dart in the anti-harassment hearing, Lawson, died within minutes of being shown the documents that reversed his illegal ruling and chastised him roundly and soundly for making such a fool of the law and the court. I was told that he had just come out of his Chambers, there in the Kent, Washington court complex, and was going to walk to another location, when a court clerk handed him the packet of documents fresh from the Appeals Court; Lawson thumbed them quickly, probably expecting to see he had been upheld by the appeals court and that he had been supremely congratulated on his stunningly brilliant decision and ruling -- only to find that he had been reversed and spanked for his stupidity and for the dishonor he had brought upon his profession. I was told he took and few more steps, and fell to the ground, and was dead within seconds. I truly hope this happened as represented to me because I want to believe that the final unraveling of this man's incompetence and insanity which caused his end was effected by me. I say that this is one of my greatest regrets out of this entire mess, and it is, because I had fully anticipated ramming this entire case up his fucking hairy, incompetent ass for the rest of his life, in a jaw-droppingly public way. Too bad the rest of his life was only four minutes. That.....truly sucks. I feel cheated. I mean that seriously and literally. The man was a menace to law and logic long before my little case ever came along on his docket (like so many other politically appointed judges across Amurica); he was a rank embarrassment to the entire legal system and every single attorney and judge and legal professional reading this, who knew him and of him, knows this. I suspect the clinking together of bar glasses all over King County in the aftermath of his untimely demise was loud and musical.

Interestingly, at the time I was driving for Dart "International" Trucking in Kent, Washington, USA back in 2001, I also had a side business that was earning a regular living. I also had royalties coming every month from International magazine literature, which was, by itself, providing a meager living. I also had royalties from artwork that was providing enough, by itself, to feed a nest of mice. I also had income from a diving company I had sold and I'd just sold a rescue tugboat, and I had income from other investments. I also consulted for insurance underwriters on shipwrecks (how to salvage them). I also worked when I felt like it as an industrial diver. How much did I make doing that? My deepest and most hazardous dive earned $2600 per hour with a one-hour minimum, and that was slightly under Union scale. It was not uncommon to net $10,000 per day diving (many made more), and exactly $10,000 per day had also been the rate for my main tug, so on a good job I could do $20,000 a day, plus other charges for other services. On pure rescue work we often invoked arbitration to claim percentages of the values of the vessels saved. We never charged a single cent for saving only lives. I was driving for Dart merely and only because I had always enjoyed driving big rigs and because they allowed me to stay local and mostly on a dedicated route, which is what most drivers prefer. I made pennies driving for Dart (literally, pennies) but I didn't care. I did it well, I was given every possible raise and credit, and it was fun. I had always immensely enjoyed skippering big tugboats on rescue work in the northeast Pacific and I similarly enjoyed driving big rigs. I would have enjoyed driving truly big airplanes too, though I never got to ;-(.

When I quit Dart because of the rampant drug use of Lamb and McFarland (and Martin and Butler too?), and the theft and rank, startling incompetence, I didn't need to work at all, but my online business was growing every month and I decided to see what it could do. I then had the time. Within a couple of years it was making millions (small "m"), and I eventually sold it for enough to retire and to travel the world in a very nice level of comfort. I wasn't rich, but I sure as hell didn't have to worry about anything financial, ever again. As they so often say, when one door closes (or is purposely closed by you), another opens and that is absolutely true.

Due to the lying, doping, and/or thieving lumps of human garbage, the four people named above, Delann Todd Lamb, Mark McFarland, and the two rotting geniuses at Dart International from Lost Angeles, Paul Martin and Colleen Butler, I was transformed into a life of incredible adventure and relative affluence. I won't say thanks to these miserable, life-sucking, brain-killing, soul-nuking fucks, because their active intent was to cause the polar opposite. But I will say to them, Fuck you up the asses with rusty razor-wire, because that's what you fools deserve, and I am happy to see you're Livin' da Dream.


OOPS: Here the son of a bitch is -- Mark McFarland (Mark S. McFarland, Mark Steven McFarland), "Terminal Manager", Dart-Entities, 2021, still slogging it out in a sleazy office in a sleazy city, probably still stoned 89% of the time, probably still stealing from the company, can't afford to retire because all his spare money over the decades went up his nose, boinking the aging office staff at Motel-6 when they'll let him, and fucking over good employees through sheer stupidity and incompetence and rudeness. I'd bet on it.


This editorial review website features, contains and includes my opinions.

Mark McFarland Contact Information, current September 8, 2021

Last Update 3/19/2021 8:00 PM

HQ Phone (323) 264-1011

Company Dart Entities


1430 South Eastman Avenue,

Los Angeles, California,


United States

There is one other "Dart-Entity" (oh for God's sake, that remains the creepiest and most inappropriate corporate name I've ever, ever seen; how about Mr. Hankey Enterprises for Christ's sake?) in this mess who has thus far remained unnamed within any of these pages for all these decades. She knows exactly who she is. and in truth, she was an active and energetic instigator to this entire charade, even to the point of doing Lamb's bidding in trying to set me up later to perform a criminal act. Her disappointment when I refused (about 18 times) was palpable and almost sad. She was one of those disturbing "entities" you meet occasionally who delights in playing both ends against the middle purely for the entertainment value the resulting drama creates. Lamb and McFarland knew this well and told me numerous times they had disciplined her repeatedly for exactly this and planned to more seriously discipline her again (and again) in the near future, though Tift (as usual) is clueless to this component. I strongly suspect that she wasn't fired because she was obnoxiously, vocally lesbian (yes, one of those) and Delann Lamb was about 50% openly lesbian and I suspect Lamb simply kept her around so they could play together. Remember that Delann Lamb had asked me repeatedly over many months to create a Photoshop composite image of her and this office girl, in a lesbian sexual act, and that I refused, repeatedly over months (it's in one of the polygraphs)(are you gleaning the slightest insight into these people yet?). I haven't as yet decided how to handle this final piece in the puzzle, this trouble-making office staffer, because she didn't come at me face-to-face; she stayed in the shadows, feeding bullshit and lies to Lamb and McFarland like a Goddamned Grima Wormtongue to fuel discontent, and that is as accurate an assessment as you'll ever find of this girl's character and soul. I may elect to devote a whole page to this office staffer in the future; she deserves no less. I wonder if she ever grew up. Answer: No. She was born eleven and will remain eleven forever. Regarding "vocal lesbians", I find that behavior odd in the extreme. Never once in my long, long life, have I felt the slightest need or desire to tell even one single human being that I am heterosexual. Not once. Such a thing would never occur to me because it's utterly irrelevant to ANYTHING, and it's none of their business. This mention is the first time. Yet people of other sexual persuasions, male or female, seem to very often want to carry around a neon signboard exclaiming their sexual preference. But of course NO ONE CARES. Are they merely seeking attention for the sake of getting attention?

To the current and future "Dart-Entities" employees (suckers/victims) I give the following advice:

You must record every single interaction with these people -- ALL OF THEM, no matter how seemingly innocuous at the time. At least use a voice recorder but preferably a small camera like a GoPro. Make a record of absolutely every single interaction bar-none, whether that's a brief in-office conversation, a formal interview, a procedural radio transmission, a cell phone call -- it doesn't matter. THESE PEOPLE LIE, and I swear to God they will lie when the truth would serve them better. This company is A CULTURE OF LYING AND LIARS. And...THEY WILL LIE ABOUT YOU if/when the mood strikes them. They may lie FOR NO REASON, or for some reason only they are privy to in the dark depths of their tiny brains. Try to get everything in writing -- if you can't, at least, AT LEAST get a voice recording or better yet, as I said, a video. It may, and probably will, serve you very, very well in the future. Is recording legal? I don't bloody care. Is lying under oath legal? DART DOESN'T BLOODY CARE. If these people take an airy notion to fucking you over by lying, and you have the recording of their lies, post them publicly. If that's illegal in your state, post them anyway and take the consequences, because the tiny legal consequences of that are likely to be infinitesimally smaller than the penalties you'll pay after these pieces of human garbage lie about you in some significant way, probably in court. This is the world now -- but it's more so the Dart and Littler-Mendelson world. It's dog-eat-dog. Your job is to SURVIVE people like this.

With regard to McFarland, clearly, this company deserves this level of "talent", all of it and all of them, and I am delighted they kept this mentally handicapped imbecile on the payroll. I wonder how much he has stolen from them now, and how many corporate customers and accounts he has quietly driven away through incompetence, lunacy, illogic, stupidity, dishonesty, racism, and thievery. And maybe there are also a few who have a problem contracting with or working for dope-heads.

Recap: The SOLE purpose of these shenanigans by liars Lamb, McFarland, Butler and Martin, was to keep me from creating ANY website. A stunningly sleazy attorney in Seattle, Leigh Ann Tift (read much more about that bizarre sociological prize within these pages), convinced Dart that the way to accomplish that was to file anti-harassment orders against me for purely fabricated tall tales (go straight to the polygraphs and perjury complaints), reasoning that a judge would PREEMPTIVELY rule that I was to be prevented from speaking publicly about Dart or its employees. Of course I had no intention of doing so to any extent at that time. But Tift convinced Lamb and McFarland, and Dart et al., that I MIGHT do this in the future, so better to shut me up BEFORE I said anything about them. Of course in so doing, they created this huge website about themselves. But the point of this aside is this: Many states have now recognized that this is a popular ploy among dishonest attorneys and law firms (Tift), and have legislated laws to stop people from doing exactly what Lamb and McFarland and sleaze-bag Tift tried to do. In those states, they can go to jail for this attempt. Too bad those laws weren't on the books in Washington during this period. Yes, I did overturn the anti-harassment orders, but they should have also gone to jail -- all five of them. If you're a sleazy corporation or attorney who is thinking you'd like to try to use this ruse to prevent people from talking about you, think again. It won't go well for you.


To Lamb, McFarland, Butler, Martin and Tift, I say this and I say it plainly and bluntly and clearly. I am saying this as honestly and as plainly as I can, and it's for their own benefit:

Come at me again Motherfuckers.

You've seen my nice side.

I don't have any more cheeks to turn.


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